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Status Medal Partnership Program

“Status Medal” Partnership Program

Status Medal specializes in making individual designs and production of unique souvenir pieces. As each shape requires a special approach, we use different materials for our products, such as metal, PVC, silicon and polirezin.

We work with the individual orders and offer a wide range of products, such as:

  • souvenir coins, challenger coins and theme coins
  • corporate pins and badges
  • key chains
  • magnets
  • bracelets
  • USB flash cards
  • merchandise and other souvenir pieces

We follow the principle of bringing into a real souvenir masterpiece anything that the Customer could imagine. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we guarantee that our products will stay unique, stylish and trendy at any time. Our professional graphic designers can both assist you when developing the product or can make a design of the desired product from scratch.

Status Medal constantly extends the range of the souvenir products available to our Customers by adding new models, shapes and specific characteristics to every piece. We collaborate with manufacturers and partners from all over the world: Russia, South Korea, Italy, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA - what brings diversity and uniqueness to our products.

The orders start from 50 pieces and can be up to as many as required by the Customer. Perfectly developed logistics allows us to deliver the orders from St.Petersburg to anywhere on Earth – a lot of any amount, of any weight.

We are open to new collaborations and doing our business with new partners and Customers from all over the world to constantly improve our service and customer satisfaction!


Contact us:

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e-mail: kaykov@status-medal.com  , status-medal@hotmail.com